About Us

New Creation CDC is a non-profit child development program created to meet the child care needs of "today's" families.  The Center accommodates children ages 18 months old thru 12 years old without regard to race, religion, color, sex, or national origin.  New Creation CDC believes that a practical experience should be an integral part of the early childhood program.  Special emphasis is placed on discovery learning through active play.  We believe that children develop their personalities and life skills through play just as adults develop through experiences in living.


We believe in a safe, positive, and wholesome environment where children enjoy living and learning.  A nurturing and creative program develops and fosters a balance of each child’s social, physical, intellectual and emotional developments.  The curriculum offers age appropriate opportunities for creative expression, constructive play, social and emotional interactions, development of communication skills, physical development, practice in reasoning and local thought, decision making, risk taking, and learning self-help skills.


Children learn best through active play experiences when given freedom to explore, experiment, and making choices carefully planned and supervised.  Individuality is recognized and provides a basis on which to encourage children to reach their maximum potential.  Self-esteem is nurtured by providing children with a sense of belongings and acceptance.  Each child is recognized as an individual and is offered to the understanding, love, nurturing, and affection he/she needs to mature.